miércoles, 20 de julio de 2011

Cool Magazines: Little Treasures by ELLE UK / Pequeños tesoros por ELLE UK

  The style can be in kids room, be inspired by this cool, colorful kit done by ELLE UK. 

  Las habitaciones infantiles no tienen porque ir junto al mal gusto o lo hortera. Inspirate con estas coloridas composiciones realizadas por ELLE decoración de UK.
'Frosta' stool of Ikea. Pine unit by Soren Rose Studio for Mater, (Placesandplaces.com)
'Trojan Horse' by Leka. Felt slipper by Pia Wallén.

'Meg' doll by Donna Wilson.
Oak 'Day Bed One' by Another country
'Micke desk' and 'Ollé' chair by Ikea.
Plywood clothes tree by P'kolino
'Nimbus' shelving unit by Ibride
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